Mamaste Yoga Classes

Mamaste Yoga® classes are structured with exercises and yoga techniques to help promote healthy pregnancy, keep your mind clear during labor, and ease you into motherhood.

Prenatal Yoga Classes

Prenatal YogaYoga is an excellent exercise option during pregnancy. It can help to soothe your aches and pains, help to reduce stress, teach you to relax, and help prepare you for childbirth and motherhood. We focus on stretching and strengthening muscles and alleviating common pregnancy discomforts, as well as teaching proper breathing and relaxation techniques. Prenatal yoga presents women with the opportunity to deepen their connection with their bodies, babies, and other pregnant women in the community.

Other teachers who have completed Mamaste Yoga training:

Postnatal Yoga - Mom & baby Yoga Classes

Postnatal Yoga

Meet the babies of your prenatal classmates by returning for our postnatal yoga classes. This class is designed to balance and restore the physical needs of new mother and baby. Mother must have been cleared for exercise by her doctor. Moms should have previous prenatal yoga experience. (This class if not for beginners.)

Yoga Breathing For Birth Workshop

Postnatal Yoga

This 3-hour workshop teaches you and your support team how to apply yoga breathing and yoga philosophy to your labor and birth. Learn how to use yoga breathing in the different stages of labor and leave with a checklist of what to do in each stage. Bring everyone who will support you in birth!

Yoga & Pregnancy Workshop

Postnatal Yoga

A Primer for Yoga Teachers & Yoga Studio Staff
In this workshop, participants will learn about contraindications associated with typical yoga asana in a regular group yoga class, medical guidelines for exercise in pregnancy, and the benefits of prenatal-yoga-specific classes. Discussion time will also be directed towards special cautions for yoga practice in the first trimester, risks associated with yoga asana practice and diastasis recti, tips for yoga teachers who are pregnant, and considerations for asana practice in the first few months after birth.

Nurturing Mother

Mamaste Yoga® salutes the mother in all of us, celebrates the miracle of childbirth, and nurtures the child by nurturing the mother.